Today’s 916 KDM Gold Price In Kerala

Are you searching for 916 gold price in Kerala? We at provide you today’s Kerala 916 kdm gold rate for 1 Gram, 8 Grams, 10 Grams and 100 Grams. If you are from Kerala and are looking to buy 916 carat gold today or trade Gold bars in Kerala, our 916 carat gold price can greatly assist you because it’s updated daily.

916 KDM Gold Rate Today in Kerala – 1st June 2023

This table shows today’s 916 kdm gold rate in Kerala, where you can find 916 Carat Gold prices in various grams, such as 1 Grams, 8 Grams, 10 Grams and 100 Grams.

Gram 916 KDM Gold Rate Today Daily Price Change
1 Gram 5842 0.26%
8 Gram 46737 0.26%
10 Gram 58422 0.26%
100 Gram 5842176 0.26%


FAQs 916 Gold Price in Kerala

What is Today’s 916 Gold Price in Kerala?

For today’s 916 kdm hallmark Gold Price in Kerala for 1 Gram Rs. 5842, and for 100 Grams Rs. 5842176.

What is Yesterday’s 916 Gold Price in Kerala?

Yesterday, the 916 KDM Gold rate in Kerala is Rs. 5842 /- per gram

What is the popular 916 kdm gold shop in Kerala?

Kerala has many 916 gold hallmark jewellery shops, including AYYAPPAS 916 GOLD, Nakshathra 916 Gold and Diamonds, Metro 916 Gold and Diamonds and Queen 916 Gold and Diamonds.

Disclaimer – Our 916 kdm gold price in Kerala is based on the India Bullion and Jewellers Association’s rate. We have not included GST, TCS, and other making charges.

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